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Escape to the serene haven of YKC Farms, nestled within the breathtaking Sanyasi Tea Estate in Jabrai Chatt, Bagdogra, West Bengal. If you're seeking Hotels in Bagdogra, a Resort in Bagdogra, or even a Home Stay in Bagdogra, YKC Farms offers a unique and tranquil experience. Unwind amidst lush greenery and refreshing tea gardens, where every moment is a melody of chirping birds and rustling leaves.

Experience authenticity with our organic farming practices and farm-fresh delights straight from the soil to your plate. Indulge in cultural journeys with traditional dance performances, music, and culinary delights, embracing the vibrant spirit of West Bengal.

YKC Farms


Why choose our Farm?

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Quality Rooms

YKC Farms

Providing well-appointed accommodations with modern amenities to ensure a relaxing.

Room Amenities

YKC Farms

Offering a secure in-room safe for guests to store their valuables and belongings during their stay.

Room Services

YKC Farms

Offering a comprehensive room service menu with a variety of culinary options, including breakfast.

Hi-Class Security

YKC Farms

Providing attentive and friendly room service staff who are available 24/7 to cater to guests' needs.

24 Hrs Room Service

YKC Farms

Conducting regular security patrols throughout the hotel premises to monitor and address any potential security concerns proactively.

Best Accommodation

YKC Farms

Offering well-designed and spacious accommodations, including Family and Deluxe Rooms


Our Rooms

YKC Farms

Wellness Oasis


Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in our Wellness Oasis, featuring in-room yoga mats.

YKC Farms

Cozy Loft


Experience urban charm in our Cozy Loft, featuring chic décor, a comfortable queen bed, and a cozy ambiance.

YKC Farms

Family Retreat


Experience urban charm in our Cozy Loft, featuring chic décor, a comfortable queen bed, and a cozy ambiance.


Escape from the World and see the Experience before you feel it. Discover the luxury of The YKC Farms

YKC Farms
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How to get there?

Finding your way to The YKC farms is an experience in itself, as you embark on a journey through scenic routes and picturesque vistas.


By Airport

To reach YKC Farms from Bagdogra Airport, hire a taxi or rent a car for a 2 to 3-hour drive. Alternatively, rent a car at the airport for flexibility.


By Bus

To get to YKC Farms from Sanyasi Tea Estate in Bagdogra, first, head to the nearest bus stop. From there, catch a bus to Siliguri. Once you reach Siliguri Bus Stand, transfer to a bus bound for Jabrai Chatt.


By Taxi

From Texi Sanyasi Tea Estate, head southwest on NH27, turn right onto State Highway 12A, and follow signs and GPS to reach YKC Farms in Bagdogra, offering serene countryside vistas.


What Our Clients Say


Manisha Banra


This property is an absolute beauty. We weren’t sure how it will be by seeing the roads and in maps also no proper guidance we were getting. But after reaching we were stunned. It’s really a very beautiful and the cleanliness is top notch. 



I landed up in this beautiful property by serendipity.
In fact this property was my first choice to book but looking at the pictures, I honestly, thought that the property is too good to exist on ground. I was so wrong and I'm putting up the pictures of my stay (with my ugly luggage) to show that the pictures presented commensurate with reality.



As a guest at YKC Farms, I can't help but express my utter satisfaction with the experience. From the moment I stepped onto the grounds, I was enveloped in a serene atmosphere that instantly put me at ease. The staff members were not just courteous but genuinely warm and welcoming, making me feel like part of their extended family.

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